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The following testimonials are from the women who participated in our July 17, 2009 event:

“I had the fortunate opportunity to attend the “pilot” for the Power Up Your Image Workshop and I came away nothing short of excited and motivated.  I have been to many speeches and sessions that addressed “portions” of what was covered in this all day session, but this workshop was unique in that it covered everything. From head to toe, inside and out; it covered me in total.  I walked away feeling that my WHOLE self was addressed and in addition, it taught me to view myself from the outside in!! – Bette E. McIntire

“This workshop provided me with the opportunity to hone in to how I can present my best image to the world and achieve the edge I need to transition to my next phase. As women we often put ourselves in the background, taking care of others and forgetting to take care of ourselves. I walked away with incredible information and feeling empowered to become the the person I want to be.”  – Janine Donovan

“Each presenter took the time to really focus on our needs. The program really made you think about your life through transition.”  – Maxine Nugent

“Transition can be stressful and isolating.  This workshop provided a great way to spend time with other women that are also in transition. It was valuable to interact with other people, and to start thinking in a positive way about what is next rather than worrying. It was a proactive way to think about how I can shape my future.” – Kellie Fenton

“This is the best day you can imagine with women who are here to support you, and who are also in the same place in life. I’ve been in the professional world for a number of years, and I thought I know it all. I learned that I needed reminding, and I need support, and that is what I got today.”  - Kim Prario

“This is an amazing event that offers great practical skills and empowers with learning tools. Just wonderful!” - Joan Dumaine

The many valuable tips and suggestions I gained were applied immediately and I continue to reflect on these learning points daily. And, as an added benefit, the workshop provided me with a list of highly skilled professionals who remain a valuable part of my network today. I encourage everyone to invest in themselves and experience this workshop firsthand. You’re worth it!! - Bette E. McIntire

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