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Event Agenda

Power Up Your Professional Image is a day-long event designed for groups of career-minded women who are interested in furthering their personal and professional development and looking to make new connections for career and business development.

More powerful than a make-over

The Power Up Your Professional image experience is infinitely more impactful than a standard “make-over.”  Our program content addresses both the external presentation and the internal confidence necessary for women to achieve and maintain authentic professional success. At the end of our event, guests are refreshed, impressed and ready to take their careers, lives and businesses to the next level of success and fulfillment.

More individualized than a big conference

Focusing on individual consultation and learning, we strive to keep our events more intimate and smaller in size. The Power Up Your Professional Image event can accommodate groups of up to 50 women. We break up the larger group into smaller teams of 10-15 and these teams rotate through the various breakout modules. All guests participate in all of the modules for a powerful, shared experience. Every guest gets individualized attention, consultant and connection. Our team of Power Up experts strives to meet women where they are physically, emotionally and financially and assist them to take the next few steps forward with confidence and zeal.

Sample Program Schedule

The following is sample agenda for the day of Power Up Your Professional Image. The program typically runs from 8:30am – 4:30pm. Evening and overnight events are optional and can be used to create even greater connection with and empowerment for the participating women.


Sign In, Take “Before” Photo, and Breakfast

We greet your guests in the morning, get them registered and invite them to enjoy a healthy breakfast and a bit of informal networking. Our professional photographer will take guests’ “before” photograph. The client host will welcome her guests with some opening comments, give an overview of the day and provide networking tips to maximize new connections.


Power Up Your Confidence and Spirit

Authentic Success Coach Marge Piccini kicks off the morning session with a motivation talk about how to find your purpose in work and life and the power of pausing to regroup, refresh and redirect your spirit. Marge helps guests feel good about taking this time for themselves today and encourages them to celebrate and reflect on what makes them happiest.

Power Up Your Personal Brand and Visual Impact

Image consultant Mallory Mason gives a visually powerful presentation about why how you dress and present yourself speaks volumes about your personal brand. She shows powerful before and after photographs of professional women transformed by updating their look and selecting clothes that fit their body type. Mallory clears up the confusion women often have as to what to wear for various business functions including business formal, basic business, business casual, after hours casual, after hours business and business resort casual.


Session #1: Power Up Your Wardrobe and Style

Guests enjoy some 1:1 time with image consultant Mallory Mason and fashion consultants offering professional women’s clothing and accessories. Guests are introduced to individual color assessment and learn how fabrics, styles and cuts work to compliment their body shape and size.

Session #2: Power Up Your Game Face

Independent Beauty Consultant, Janice Olson  lead guests through the essentials of a proper skin care regime and why this is essential for achieving a professional image. Guests enjoy an individual color assessment and learn tips and tricks for working effectively with color cosmetics to achieve a natural and professional look.

Session #3: Power Up Your Portrait

Each guests receives an individual hair styling consultation and spruce up with our professional stylists. Women learn new tricks and techniques that can be easily achieved in minutes for a more professional look. Once women have completed their hair and make up consultations, they are invited to take their “after” portrait photo. Our professional photographer works with each woman individually to bring out her unique personality in the most professional way. The resulting digital image is made available to each women for use on Linkedin and other marketing purposes.

Facilitated networking is available for women who are in between getting their hair done and photo taken. Networking questions are discussed and networking tips are given to make networking and relationship building a more comfortable skill for all of our guests.

Session #4: Power Up Your Portfolio

Financial literacy and effective money management is essential knowledge and asset needed by all professional women. The Power Up team is proud to offer this important module as part of the event. The workshop is led by seasoned and licensed financial services professionals in a low-key, no pressure environment. Women gain new perspective on the importance of cash and liabilities, taxes and strategies to reduce them, financial instruments to protect their assets and investment instruments to build their futures.


Guests enjoy a delicious  lunch while also enjoying each other’s company and conversation. Special keynote speaker will provide additional illumination over dessert.


Group Session: Power Up Your Communication

Executive presentation coach, Kathy McAfee, provides guests with critical information to help them become more effective communicators on the job and at home. Women are introduced to the NLP model of communication and learn about the verbal and non-verbal factors that influence the meaning of their communication. Kathy provides simple techniques to help professional women increase their vocal power and body language intelligence.

Individual Consultations

Guests are encouraged to meet 1:1 with the various Power Up experts to discuss their individual needs and questions. Opportunities to network with others guests, exhibitors and vendors. Any guests who did not yet complete their “after” photograph has the opportunity to do it at this time.

Afternoon Reception and Special Drawing Prizes

The day is capped off with a celebratory wine reception. Each guest receives a goodie bag filled with valuable offers to continue their professional development. Guest complete the event evaluation sheets and enter their sheet in the hat for a special drawing. Door prizes creates additional excitement to the day. The client host gives the final closing comments and thanks all guests for attending the Power Up Your Professional Image event.

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  1. Ellen MZ says

    I would like to know more about this workshop (cost) and future dates. thank you. It looks fantastic!

    • admin says

      Ellen, thanks for your query. My name is Kathy McAfee and I am one of the co-founders of Power Up Your Professional Image event. Please give me a call at (860) 408-0033 and let’s discuss your specific needs and interests. I’d be delighted to answer any questions that you have. I’m based in CT. Where are you based? Kathy

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